Stefan Doeblin


Stefan is an entrepreneur and owner of the project development company Network Eoconomy AG (Switzerland), founder of Sementes Vivas, president of Living Seeds International AG (Switzerland) and president of our non-profit association Lebende Samen - Living Seeds e.V. After spending 20 years in telecoms and 7 years in renewable energies, Stefan discovered his passion for organic and biodynamic seeds. In 2015, he and a team of 9 experts from 6 different countries founded the first organic seed company in the Iberian Peninsula, Sementes Vivas (Portugal) and its Spanish subsidiary Semillas Vivas. Recently, the company has created a joint venture in North-Africa, Sementes Vivas Maroc. Other countries are expected to join the vibrant network by replicating the business model, so that hopefully one day, organic seed development and production will take place in many Mediterranean countries.