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  • Bio-Saatgut für Südeuropa: (German) An article about the work of the biodynamic and organic seed company Sementes Vivas and the need for more research and resources for organic plant breeding in Southern Europe - which is the purpose of our association Living Seeds.
  • In the beginning there are seeds: An article by our president Stefan Doeblin about the correlation between seeds, plant breeding, farming, nature and us humble human beings

Sharing is caring: interesting reads and videos

  • "Das Saatgut-Kartell" Video recommendation (German): Scientists around the world are working on cultivating and genetically modifying fruit and vegetables for the international market. How healthy, natural and fair is what we eat? - 3sat Mediathek October 2020
  • Garten des Lebens sells organic seeds and is a great source of information, tips, instructions, recommendations, seminars and consulting around open-pollinated organic seeds, gardening and permaculture.
  • The Supermarket Museum: A project well worth supporting! A collaboration of permaculture and agroecology networks, artists and volunteers and an inspiration for people to make a transition towards a Food Solidarity Culture.