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  • Success Story Portugal: Thanks to previous projects and in partnership with Living Seeds Sementes Vivas SA (LSSV), Lebende Samen has been able to start the registration of various traditional varieties of vegetables in the European catalogue of varieties. Read on...
  • Bio-Saatgut für Südeuropa: (German) An article about the work of the biodynamic and organic seed company Sementes Vivas and the need for more research and resources for organic plant breeding in Southern Europe - which is the purpose of our association Living Seeds.
  • In the beginning there are seeds: An article by our president Stefan Doeblin about the correlation between seeds, plant breeding, farming, nature and us humble human beings

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  • "Das Saatgut-Kartell" Video recommendation (German): Scientists around the world are working on cultivating and genetically modifying fruit and vegetables for the international market. How healthy, natural and fair is what we eat? - 3sat Mediathek October 2020
  • Garten des Lebens sells organic seeds and is a great source of information, tips, instructions, recommendations, seminars and consulting around open-pollinated organic seeds, gardening and permaculture.
  • The Supermarket Museum: A project well worth supporting! A collaboration of permaculture and agroecology networks, artists and volunteers and an inspiration for people to make a transition towards a Food Solidarity Culture.