Seed talks

Seeds are our passion, and we would like to share this passion with you. Therefore, we have started to conduct, together with friends and partners, a series of SEED TALKS. These are interviews with people who work with seeds in their everyday life and who understand their value for both human nutrition as well as soil and plant health.

"Seeds are the origin of our food"

Seed Talk with Hugo Zina and Theresa Sabo from Portugal

"Organic Seeds for Portugal: The Benefits of Cooperation"

Seed Talk with Ana Maria Barata, Head of the National Seed Bank in Braga, Portugal

"We need more awareness and commercial activities around organic seeds"

Seed Talk with Stefan Doeblin, president of Lebende Samen - Living Seeds e.V. and founder of Sementes Vivas and Semillas Vivas. The interview was conducted by Hannes Lorenzen and Adèle Pautrat from Seeds4All on March 22nd, 2021.

"We are sowing interest for open-pollinated, organic seeds among end-consumers"

Seed talk with Christina Marandi and Lisa Kadagies from lehmann natur. This year, the organic wholesaler for fruits and vegetables has launched its own organic seed brand “LEHMANNS Bio-Saaten” - a part of their strategy to increase the demand for open-pollinated, organic seeds.

"Organic Plant Breeding is Part of the Ecological Transformation"

Seed talk with Helena Maria de Oliveira Freitas, professor for biodiversity and ecology at the renowned University of Coimbra and an important supporter and partner of our work in the field of organic plant breeding.