Why organic seeds?

The consumer's perspective

  • Organic seeds create trust - because organic is more than just a label
  • Organic seeds are the basis for healthy foods with plenty of nutrients
  • Organic seeds ensure that your food tastes and smells good, that it appeals and inspires
  • Organic seeds ensure more diversity - in the fields and on the plate
  • Organic seeds guarantee: no genetic modification

Why organic seeds?

The gardeners' and farmers' perspective

  • Plants from organic seeds are vital and can strive in the field
  • Plants from organic, open pollinated varieties can produce healthy seeds and thus increase food sovereignty
  • Plants from organic seeds are better at coping with pests
  • Plants from organic seeds can deal with extreme weather
  • Plants from organic seeds enrich the soil life
  • With thei strong roots, plants from organic seeds can deeply connect with soil and other plants
  • Plants from organic seeds are future-oriented: from year to year, they adapt better to the local conditions
  • Plants from organic seeds don't need expensive fertilizers and pesticides

Why stay away from conventional seeds?

Conventional seeds rely on property rights and chemicals. The consequences:

  • Only very few varieties without local adaptation
  • High-yield, "hard" products which are easy to transport and trade, but which have less taste and vital substances
  • Dependence of plants on specific chemicals in order to develop - and very often, these come from the same manufacturer as the seeds themselves
  • Patent protection means: no reproduction
  • Plants are interrupted in their maturation process
  • Genetic engineering means the loss of the plant's integrity - and of the integrity of our food

All this limits the future viability of conventional seeds and calls for increasingly complex technology and high investments.